Andres Nino

Electronics Engineer - Data Analyst

I am a highly motivated and professional electronic
engineer – data analyst, my passion has always been
technology, programming and robotics. I am an
analytical thinker with the ability to apply creative
problem-solving skills.
I have experience as a developer/data analyst and I
have worked in several areas in the medical industry.
As a software developer I have implemented scripts
which have helped to facilitate the communication
between different medical instruments as well as
extracting data to track and analyse the behaviour of
the surgical equipment.



Data Analysis

Operative Systems

PCB Design

Embedded Systems


Problem solved:

The Schwind Amaris Lasers installed with a Zeiss VisuMax laser can not use Schwind’s patient-bed, and it should use VisuMax’s patient-bed, this cause an inconvenience in the Schwind Amaris software.



I developed a patient bed detection, using an ultrasonic system in order to monitoring the position of the VisuMax’s patient bed and do not lost the feature to detect left/right patient’s eye position on Schwind software.

Technology used:

Problem solved:

The Schwind Amaris Lasers generates a logfile where we can determined the performance of the laser, however, this logfile is populated with no relevant data and it does not facilite the visualization 



I implemented a script to facilitate data extraction in order to analyse and track the behaviour of the laser, facilitating monitor the system to predict future maintenance.

Technology used:



2017 - 2020

Electronics Engineer

Data Analyst

Design, installation, testing and maintenance of software
systems on the medical instruments.
Simulate and test algorithms for predicting behaviour of Eye
Surgery lasers

Key Responsibilities

  • Testing and evaluating scripts and automation systems
    in Python to track data on medical instruments.
  • Develop PCB layout, testing and verification
  • Documenting designs for manufacture.


  • Logfile analyser software for Schwind Laser Systems
  • Right/Left Eye detection device for Schwind Lasers

2017 - 2018

IT Help Desk

Perform troubleshooting to diagnose and resolve problems on
the learning management system software, fully test the
system to ensure it functions properly and meets the business

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide orientation and guidance to users on how to
    operate the learning management system software.
  • Perform problem verification by isolating and identifying
    steps to reproduce client issues.
  • Create technical system documentation & user


  • I made the service support for the software LifterLMS the best on 2018

2009 - 2017

Electronics Engineer

Update firmware of the Schwind Eye Surgery Lasers
Develop software and hardware for test and track data on medical instruments.
Maintenance services for laser surgery equipment.

Key Responsibilities

  • Test and measurement equipment for testing and debugging.
  • Electronic hardware design and embedded firmware design.
  • Python desktop software development.


  • Software to manage the service database.
  • Software to track energy values on Schwind lasers

2007 - Current

Online Teach – Instructor

Effectively manage the website and YouTube channel to promote interest in robotics.

Develop course material to teach students to build small educational robots, how to program, and the basics of electronic design.

Conduct teaching sessions with students through virtual meetings, utilising videos and webinars.

Ensure that all courses are provided as per student expectations.


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